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Koohi Stone Industries

koohi Stone Industries produces all kinds of Limestone Stone,marble stone,Travertine

Koohi Stone Industries is the best in high quality rock production

Koohi Stone Complex started operation in Iran,Isfahan in 1971
for supplying constructional stones to the growing market.of real stateWe manufacture, export and supply natural stones such asTravertine (Vein cut/Cross cut), Marble, Granite, Onyx and
Limestone in unique and beautiful colors. Our stones come in blocks, unpolished or polished blocks, slabs and tiles oras per customer requirements which is collected from our.different quarries all around IranWe employ high-tech machinery and modern productionplants with the sole purpose of producing the best quality.stone products to meet every customer’s need,Acts also as an independent quarry owner, specialized in extraction exploitation and manufacturing natural stonesfor exterior and interior stone cladding, flooring, ornamental.and specialized architectural worksThis company is honored to be recognized as one of the biggest.exporters of raw stones to Middle east, Africa and EuropeWe welcome our clients to assess our ability to execute anylarge project with high quality standards and within the.committed schedule.

We believe that having high values ​​in life is the key to success in business. In the rocky complex, we have very strict behavioral rules, and these fundamental values ​​are the basis of all the decisions that we make:

The fact is a company, that is, people and its employees. We are committed to providing our employees with the best opportunities to make their potential possible in the rocky complexes.


The stimulus and motivation of all our work in the rocky mining and quarry area is a fascination for excellence – and a genuine commitment to providing the best products and services available on the market.

In today’s high-speed economy, changes are a permanent phenomenon, and creativity and innovation are essential to the survival of any company. As we have been in the past 30 years, our eyes are looking forward to the future and we anticipate market demand and needs so that we can lead the company towards long-term success.

The ethics of foundation and institution are our work activities. An ethos of direction is our activity to ensure that justice and respect are respected by all stakeholders and stakeholders and full transparency in our work.

Prosperity for everyone

No company can succeed except creating prosperity and opportunity for others. It is committed to setting up a rocky mining and quarrying corporation to be a responsible citizen of society and the environment in all countries and places we work for.

A set of rocky mines is looking for potential suppliers to take the lead in the future.
The Rocky Mountains is a global leader in a new field of product development, organizational culture and active participation in the global community.
In pursuit of these goals, we are well aware of the importance of establishing relationships with the world’s first-class suppliers and enjoying their full support.

A set of rocky mines in order to create a cooperative relationship and create new business opportunities in pursuit of high potential international partners in the field of innovative and advanced technologies. We are working with our suppliers to achieve one goal: the best in the Middle East.
If you would like to be a partner and co-founder of rocky mines and quarries, please contact us. To put together the future of the stone industry.

The ethical charter of sales officials

We, as the sales and logistics department of rocky factories and mines, recognize the vital importance of our role in promoting value for our customers, and we accept this crucial responsibility.
To better do this important mission, we are committed to honesty and integrity in all aspects of our work relationship with suppliers, and we will try to create a shared prosperity. We also know and comply with laws, regulations, and regulations governing their work activities.
Our motto is logistics and shopping
The Rocky Mountains and Suppliers Group, together with them, are trying to reach the world’s highest levels based on the “first-best” ideology of shared and flourishing biosphere between the rocky quarries and representatives.

So, become our partner & Save your Money, Time, and Energy!