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    koohi Stone Industries

    A group of rocky mines and forests with grace and mercy with God with more than thirty years of experience in the construction of stone, now has an active quarry and two high-quality processing granite and marble production lines able to meet customers’ needs. DearSince a set of rocky quarrys and quarrys has exploited minerals with different rocks in the construction industry, the production of this complex is a variety of marble rocks, lime stone, travertine, travertine, marble and granite, which in sizes and shapes Below is a quote from our customersLongitudinal, Ruling, Stair, Table, Thickened Prefabricated, KobikAnd in a variety of levels: Polished, Leather, Bush HammerOther products of the stone industry complex can be found in a variety of scissors, antique and profiles in various colors and designs.

    Third Intersection – Dolat Abad Industrial Estate – Isfahan

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